Why are you scared of Mr Death?
Episode 44 (33:45) 14 Jul 2012

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  1. 16 Aug 2012 10:14
    morpheus dreamweaver Says:

    Give thanks to your uncomplicated view of the system.

    Although I realise that you are using HD as a metaphor, I feel that a better definition could be used. Whereas you state that you have no religion, some others who refer to themselves as rasta, would argue otherwise and claim Rastafari is their religion.

    Personally I don't feel that professing to be a rasta would allow you to see god any clearer!! One has to be heartical and move away from the mind-set and men-tality if one is to feel the Universal I-AM.

    But still every one has the right to decide their own destiny...

    PS I would also add that there is no such thing as a "holy book" only the perceptions of adherents to faith, which makes whatever book (of codes) pertaining to their own particular belief, special.

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