RastafarI is just another one of God's many names. Names like Allah, Jah, The Creator, IAM and many others.

The name RastafarI is a code for oneness. It stands for the one universe, one planet earth, and one race of people living on the one earth. RastafarI is The One who watched all from within. You can hide from others, but not from RastafarI. God is not up in the heavens, God is a part of your being.

Conscience dwells in male and female, but is neither male nor female. Listen to your Conscience if you want to know God.

Oneness is all around you when your eyes are open. Not everyone with

eyes can see. Your true eye will not open until you learn self discipline. That means refraining from all negative behaviour.

Those who fail to do so will forever live in darkness and ignorance. Those who do so will realise the oneness of all life, one universe, one earth, one human race and the one God that dwells within all RastafarI.

The body performs better when you're fit, and you don't get fit sitting down. You must train if you want to get fit. At first, training will be a bit aching to the body but the more you train the easier it becomes. Usain Bolt could not run the hundred metres as quick if he did not train his body.

Well, your mind needs training to get fit as well, because it is only the fit mind that can see and understand oneness.

If you desire a fit mind you must cease from doing the things that you're doing and that you yourself know is wrong. You cannot hate. You can't be greedy or lustfully. You must train your mind towards positive behaviour instead of negative behaviour. If you can do this you will come to realise what oneness is. Then oneness will teach you how to love your fellow beings. Otherwise you will remain in darkness living your life in total ignorance without any light. Never realising that God is right there in the dark with you, but you are too busy doing wrongs to notice.

If you imagine yourself on the moon looking back at earth you won't see any countries. What you would see is the one planet earth. And if you get four different cans of beer, replace the beer in each can with water and seal them back up, when others are looking at these cans they might think they are looking at beer, when in reality all the tins contain water.

These cans are human beings. You might have different colour bodies, different colour eyes and hair. But RastafarI put the same spirit within all bodies. Ask anyone what colour the mind is. The blacks don't know, whites don't know, browns and yellows don't know. That's because

the mind has no colour.

If you're a being that is prejudice against other beings, you're doing so in ignorance and lack of proper understanding. Some beings believe that their bodies are who they are, that's like the water in the can believing that it is the can. The body and the spirit are two different things. One survives by visible means like eating and drinking. The body is a visible thing so survive by visible means.

The spirit is invisible and cannot be seen. It is not physical, that's why you draw breath which is none physical and unseen. So you will have to learn to see the oneness in humanity because if you don't you will never know I The One.

Just like how you have the one

sun shining its light on the whole earth. So also you have the one conscience shining its light on all from within. It is the inner sun.

The most important things in life are nothing that can be seen by the eyes. Breath is not usually visible, but without it there would be no life. That is why it is important to try and understand the invisible. You can't see your conscience but you can feel it. That is just as good as seeing it. So anyone who can feel conscience must realise that conscience is real.

The truth is a double edge sword. When one who is seeking it hears it, that one takes delight in hearing it. But to the ears of one who is negative

it's displeasure. So it delights some and hurt the rest.

The truth is universal, it knows no borders, has no race or family. It is everywhere. Yet it is understood by few. That's because the many are too busy acting negatively.

What is true today, will remain so tomorrow and the day after that. So what was true in the beginning is still true today and will remain so for ever because truth can never ever change.

To hold the sword of truth you will have to be a fearless warrior because you will have to use it against your own

family and friends and race. Because the truth takes side with no one. The sun dos not shine its light for anyone special but for everyone. And truth is a light that shines its light for all beings equally.

If a being is not receiving the light of truth, it's because sometimes clouds gather and block out the light of the sun. Negative behaviour creates a cloud within the mind. This cloud blocks out the light of the spirit of truth. Stop your negative behaviour and that cloud will disappear and when it does the spirit of truth will be free to shine its light on you once again.

If you put clean water into a dirty glass the dirt will spoil it. The mind is a glass. If the mind is doing negative things the mind is dirty. Such a mind can never contain truth. You need to cleanse your mind. That means doing good deeds because only positive actions can cleanse the mind of negativity.

Think of your mind as a beautiful garden. Well it's your duty to look after your garden. You will not be a good gardener if you allow weeds to grow all over your garden. What was once a beautiful garden will now be full of weeds. Well, if

you're not mindful, negative thoughts will grow all over your mind. So instead of a beautiful mind, you have one that looks like a garden that is full of weeds. So it's your duty to enter the garden of your mind and root out negativity. Weeds are not good for a garden health and negativity is no good for the health of the mind.

Truth is free. It cannot be contain or captured. It belongs to no one. The blacks don't own it. The whites browns and yellows don't own it. No religion owns it. No being can stop another from knowing it. Stop hating one another and learn to love and care for one another and you will receive it.

To know truth you have to love truth. Desire it and search honestly for it. If you love what you're doing you will do your best. So, if you love and desire truth sincerely, you will find it.

Intention and desire, these two can open the doors to truth and close it. It all depends of what your intention and desires are. In the search for truth your intention and desires must be totally honest. If you're looking for a way to get rich truth is not for you. If you want to know God then you have to follow truth. Truth is the way of RastafarI.

The truth is, all beings are equal. Male and female alike but some beings like to put other beings on a pedestal,

claiming that this being is greater than that being. No being should look down on another. No being should look up to another as no being is higher or lower than another. RastafarI created all beings as equals not to look up to another or down on another. We should each look each other in the eyes as equals. Like the saying says equal rights and justice stand for all not just some.

The truth is you should be a knower and not a believer. When you know something, you know the truth of that thing. But when you believe something you do not know it otherwise you would know it instead of believing in it. Belief has no

legs to stand on. You can't go to court and tell the judge you believe that Paul robbed you. You need evidence to support your belief.

The truth is, you should know and don't believe. Believers believe because they don't know yet. If you have a belief make sure you have the evidence to support your belief. Don't rely on blind faith. Better to have faith in the things you know, than things you wish and hope for.

The truth is, you should know because when you know, you don't have to believe anymore. So you should leave from believing to knowing. If you believe that someone is up stairs don't sit down stairs believing.

Go up stairs and have a look. If there is anyone there you will know. And if there is no one there you will know. But going up stairs will change you from believer to knower.

Not everyone is alive. To be alive you have to change from believer to knower. Otherwise you will have eyes to see but you won't see. Ears to hear but you won't hear. So arise from the blindness of belief and join those who are seeking to know. The eyes of knower are open. And when truth is spoken they can hear it.


Death is the great equaliser. It comes to all. The short and the tall. The fat and the slim. The beautiful and ugly. Rich and poor. Blacks, whites, browns and yellows.

Those who are negative fear death. They do not understand that you cannot die. Negative living clouds the mind and stop it seeing the real truth.

A positive way of living will show you that a being is not just physical. All beings are spirit living in a physical body. The body undergo changes and anything that change must die. So the body of every being must die. The spirit does not undergo change like the body.
It remains constant. When you reach fifty you will feel the same as when you were eighteen. Your body won't feel like eighteen anymore because it has changed. But your spirit will still feel as young as eighteen. So it will forever feel young.

Death comes to the body because it is subjected to change. It cannot affect the spirit in the same way as the body. The spirit is permanent, death

cannot change that. So what is really dying is our body not us. So the positive being looks forward to death rather than fearing death. Why fear something that cannot harm you.
If you have a close look at death you will realise that death is not real. The physical will surely die but the spirit can never ever change.

Time brings change. Change brings death. Anything that dwells in time is subjected to time and must die. Your spirit is not subjected to change so when change comes to the body it does not affect the spirit because spirit does not dwell in time.

To the positive being death is a doorway to a more positive way of living.

The negative being sees only fear and sorrows. The positive being looks ahead and welcomes death. The negative being looks ahead and is afraid. To the positive being death is a release from oppression. For the negative being it will be confinement.

When you die the only thing you can take with you is your memory. That is where all your deeds are recorded. No one is going to get away with the wrongs that they have done in this life because RastafarI put a chip in all beings. This chip is memory. All your deeds in this life are recorded there. RastafarI is not like the police. You can't live negatively and get away with it. It's all on your memory. The negative being does not know this. Such minds are clouded by negativity.

To get the good things of this materialistic life you need money. In the next life it will be good deeds. In this world the rich save their riches in banks. The bank of the positive is memory that is where all his riches are stored.

In-between living and dying there is a lot you can do. There are choices to be made. So it's up to you weather you depart this life as a negative being or a positive one.

Once, I was afraid of death but now I can see clearly that death is only a release from oppression. Real death is when you fail to live a positive life. Not everyone who is breathing is alive. Some are living dead. The only way to come

alive is to change from negative ways of living to positive ways. All those who fear death do so because they are already dead.

Spirit and mind.

The sun you see in the sky is a representation of the spirit within. The moon is a representation of the mind within. The sun is the giver of light. The moon is the receiver of light it has no light of its own. The sun is positive and always shines light. The moon is negative, so only shines light sometimes. And when it does, it is a reflection of sun light because the moon has no light of its own. Within human beings the spirit is the giver of light and the mind the receiver.

But to receive light from the spirit

the mind must be free from negativity. Because the mind has no light of its own it must receive it from spirit and spirit will not shine in on unclean mind.

The spirit represents wisdom, while the mind represents knowledge. These two should walk together. Wisdom, it is who teaches knowledge how to behave honestly. Wisdom can walk on its own without getting lost. But knowledge on its own will get lost in the dark.

In the spirit there is oneness. In the mind there is duality. It can be negative and positive. For the mind to be positive you have to make the right choices. When you choose to do good instead

of bad, you will rise to the top of your mind. And from there you will be able to reflect the light of RastafarI.

To know yourself you have to win control of your mind. If you cannot control your own mind, your own mind will control you. To find the spirit you need a mind that is disciplined an under your control before you can start to search correctly. It's no use putting clean water into a dirty bottle, it will spoil. Likewise, if you put goodness into an unclean mind, it comes to no good.

The mind is limited just like the moon. It only shines light sometimes. The spirit shines light all the time and has no limitation. When you know

your spirit you have a wider range over someone who is limited to the mind.

All beings have a positive and negative nature. If we combine positive and negative correctly we produce light and with light you can see. Those who fail to do so will remain in darkness.

The spirit is a transmitter and the mind a receiver. What the mind does with what it receives depends on the discipline and control that you have over your mind.

If you're a negative being in this life knowledge will be the high of your learning, and you don't have to be good to learn knowledge. Wisdom is different. No negative being can be wise.

The man of knowledge lives in total darkness. While the man of wisdom lives in total light.

The mind is like a skyscraper several story high. Everyone starts in the basement. The only way out of the basement is to realise that what we are doing in the basement is not right and change our ways. The way out is to live as honestly as possible. If you cannot do this you will remain your whole life in total darkness.

If you persist in doing good honestly you will start to rise to the top of your mind. There you will encounter the spirit of RastafarI, the living God.
The struggle in life is not against others but against your own mind. If you don't win this struggle you will be a slave to your own mind. The spirit is the teacher and the mind the student.

Only an innocent mind can understand what is right and correct. And the only way to have an innocent mind is to recover it from childhood. We were all born innocent and this innocent state was recorded on our memory. As we grow up we live innocence behind and enter the world of good and bad. This takes us far away

from our innocence. When we reach adulthood we are a long way away from the innocent baby we once were. To return to this innocence we have to cease from negative behaviour. That is the road back to innocence.

Imagine a world where beings and I mean adult beings act innocent. Just think of the innocence of a baby. Baby does not hate, is not greedy or lustful and is never racist. The mind of a baby is pure and clean. So is the mind of one who goes through the struggle to recover it from childhood.

The mind can be your enemy as well s your friend. It all depends on the choices you make in life.

This planet is a mind control planet. That is the reason for all our problems on earth. The mind is doing things on its own without the guidance of spirit. The mind should not lead; it should follow the guidance of spirit. Otherwise it will lead itself into total darkness. It is the mind that led beings to the state of affairs you see on earth today.

Free your mind, so you too can join this fight to reveal light. The light is RastafarI.
Free your mind and win freedom from oppression and bondage.

Your mind is a mirror that has been covered in dust. Clean it and you will be able

to see who you are once more.

To control the mind, you have to control the passions of the mind. Greed, lust, hate, jealousy, anger and any other negativity you find within the mind.

Surrender the will of your mind to the will of the spirit so that the mind too can shine light. The light of RastafarI, the living God that dwells within all beings. Those who live in the past, those who are living now and those who will live in the future. I am the one who watched all beings from within.

I am the secret dweller within all souls. I am the terrible and dreadful one, RastafarI. That one, who was at the start and

shall be at the end, as is was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. In the beginning was God. So, now we are near the end look out for the return of the one. His new name is RastafarI.

The intentions and desires of the mind that search for the spirit must be pure and clean otherwise your search will be in vain.


My name is satan, or devil if you like. A being will blame anything and anyone for its problems apart from his or herself. If it's not money, it's women or men or satan. But they never blame themselves.

I am satan, the negative. I do not, nor can I force any being to do anything against its own will. So, if I am

guilty of anything it's for tempting a being, not forcing. If I tempt you to steal you don't have to do it. And I have no power to force you to do anything against your own will. The choice is entirely up to you, so don't blame me when you're the one making the choice.

Beings blame me for their problems but I did not choose these problems for them. They choose it for themselves. If God did not want negativity around I would not be around. I was around before you came into this life and I will still be here when you die.

Just like God I am a part of your own being and everyone else as well. If you do not know who I am you do not know yourself. The jungle can be a dangerous place, but if

you study the jungle and get to know where danger is, and survive in the jungle. If you don't know the jungle, sooner or later you will lose your way.
So it is important for every being to know who I am. I am the one who tempt all beings from within. Don't be afraid of me. I can never ever hurt you. You need to know and understand who I am, so that you don't get lost in the jungle of your own mind.

The only devil that exists, is the one that beings create for themselves. And they do this by making negative choices.

God dwells within all human beings no matter where they are. So does satan. It does not matter how righteous

or holy you think you are. I can and will suggest bad thoughts to you. The only thing you can do is to resist putting bad thoughts into action.

I am like the snake in the jungle. You need to study the ways of the snake if you don't want to get bitten. Those who know me in this way avoid my temptations and those who avoid my temptations will end up in God's house.

Until you learn to blame yourself for your own problems in this life you will not be able to make sense of this life. When you start to blame yourself for

your own problems instead of everybody else that is when you will learn how to control temptations. And by controlling temptations you learn truths and rights. Truth and rights is when you combine right thoughts with right actions.

If you're resisting my temptations you're on your way to the house of wisdom.

Those beings, which learn to resist my temptations, end up wise. Those who fail, end up foolish.

If a being can overcome my temptations then God could trust such a being with the universe.

I am innocent of all charges of wrong doing. My job is to tempt
beings and that is all that I do. So, let's get this right, my job is to tempt you and your job is to resist my temptations. End of story.

RastafarI on love.

True love is like a tree. A tree has many leaves an there are many aspect of love. The leaves represent the different kind of love you can find in this life. Love of family and friends, cats and dogs, fame an money. This kind of love comes an go like a tree shedding its leaves.

True love is deeper than this, you have to dig deep to find it. The roots of the tree represent a deeper love than leaf love because it is the roots that support the whole tree. And the roots of the tree are in the earth. So the earth
represents an even deeper love because the earth is not only sustaining one tree but everything else on earth, caring for everything equally. Deeper, still is the love of the universe. The universe contains this earth an all other planets, caring for all equally. For the universe to do this, it has to be deep. Can you imagine the depth of this universe?

Well there is a love that's even deeper than that of the universe. And that is the love of RastafarI the secret dweller within all human beings.

Love is never hateful or spiteful, never greedy or selfish. Love never, ever loves itself alone. Love loves all equally. Once you
discover true love you will love forever, you will never ever fall out of love with love.

You cannot love and hate at the same time. So, those beings who claim to be in love while hating others are not in love. They must be in lust, those who love and hate because there is no hate in love.

RastafarI speaks.

I am true love. Until you know who I am you will never ever know true love. To know true love you have to live a disciplined and moral life. If you can't do that you can't know who I am. And if you don't know who I am you can't know true love because I am the only teacher of true love.

Make sure you love the whole earth and not just some little part of it because the earth is one. Make sure you love the whole human race because the human race is one. And because we are all one human race we are all brothers and sisters. So, don't just love your blood relations or your fellow countrymen. Love the whole earth and everyone on it because we are one family coming from the one source.

Many use the word love, but only a few knows what it means. Love can only be taught to you by God and to find God you have to strive to live right.

If you don't live right you will only discover bits of love never the whole.

Live right and you will discover who I am. Then I will teach you true love because only I know true love. Those beings who surrender their will and follow the will of the living God that dwells within all beings will swim in the ocean of true love.


Darkness is the foundation of creation. Darkness is the container of all secrets. Light can reveal those secrets. Darkness can be frightening if you don't have
any light. It becomes less so if you have light to see where you're going. To those who don't have any light, the dark will remain a frightening place. Unable to see where they are going they will always end up going the wrong way.

Everything you can see was once hidden in the dark. Beings that fear the dark do so because they have no light. To get light you will have to strive to live a morally correct life. Failing to do so will mean you remaining in total darkness in this life and the next.

Hidden in the darkness is positive and negative. If you combine these two correctly,
you get light and when you have light you can see. Only then will you be able to find your way through the darkness of this life.

Your mind and spirit, your desires and ideas, your hope and wishes, all these are hidden in the dark. RastafarI is also hidden in the dark, and to know I, you need light, otherwise you will lose the fight to reveal RastafarI, the one spirit that dwells within all human beings, who has ever set foot on this planet earth.

If you study yourself closely, you will discover that you're in the dark as well. No one can see you. What they see is your body. But you're not a body are you? You're a spirit

that cannot be seen, and what you cannot see is in the dark.

To see in the dark you need the vision of the owl. Night vision. While no other being can see exactly who you're. RastafarI sees everything. You can hide things and ideas from other beings but not from yourself. And I am the true self of all beings, living and dead.

Rasta Explaining Who RastafarI Is.

Rasta is a being like any other being. RastafarI is the new name of the one God that dwells within all human beings

So, a true rasta man is anyone who follow the ways of the one God. And I call that one RastafarI, the secret dweller within all human beings, living or dead.

This one dwells within all beings, male and female. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. Weather you live in the past, now or in the future, no one can hide from I RastafarI. I was with beings in the beginning and I will be with beings in the end.
You can deceive anyone but not I. No being can hide from themselves. And I am the true self of all. So in this time true rasta knows the true self as RastafarI, the living God that

dwells within all beings.

Anyone who has ever learnt truth in this life, learn it from I, because I am the only one who knows the truth. The sun is the giver of light outside, and I am the giver of light within beings.

Just like how satan dwells within all and tempts them, I dwells within all and tempts them to do good.

I am the way and the light. No one speak the

truth unless I teach it to them. When I say no one, I mean no one who has ever live. Whether you're a Jesus or Budda or Solomon, I am the teacher of all those who speak truth in the past. I am the teacher of those who are speaking the truth in this time and I will be the teacher in the time to come.

The only way you can hide from I is to hide from yourself. The only being that can out reason I is the one who can out reason himself.

I am Black. I am White. I am Brown. I am Yellow. I am the Christians. I am the Muslims. I am the Hindus. I am the Buddhists and Jews. I am the one God of all RastafarI.

I am with you but you pay no attention because you're too busy doing what is wrong to take any notice. Whenever you stop doing wrongs you will notice that I was there all the time. It was you who was not
paying attention.

I am hidden away from the eyes of fools but the wise sees clearly who I am.

I have many names like RastafarI, God, Allah, I am and many more but I am not my name. Those names point to I. But to find out who I am you will have to practice living honestly. Strive to live honestly in whatever you're doing. That way you will find out who I am. You can't really know someone just by knowing their name. You have to spend time getting to know them. I am just the same. To know I you have to spend time getting to know I. And the time you spend getting to know I must be spent
striving to live a morally correct life. Those who had done this in the past found out who I am. Those who are doing it now will also find out as will those in the future.

What is known as Conscience is just another one of I many names. Conscience dwells within all beings. Conscience is within you but it is not you. You have no control over Conscience. When you do wrongs you can't stop Conscience making you feel guilty. Listen to your Conscience. Put all your trust in it. That way you will live with a clear Conscience and discover that I am Conscience.

RastafarI Paradox Explained.

You can know God but you can't know God explanation.
God is like the universe. There is no end to it. No being can know the whole universe but you can still learn a great

deal about the universe. Well, we can know a great deal about God but no one, I mean no one can know God completely because God is deeper than the universe.

Human beings are visible as well as invisible.


Our visible part is the body because the body is visible. We use visible things to nourish it like water and food. But we are not our body. You're a spirit living in a body. The spirit cannot be seen. That is why we draw breath which is not visible. So when you see another you're only seeing their body. To understand the paradox, you would have to understand the difference between spirit and body or body and mind.

Once a Man Twice a Child Explanation.

You were born innocent and pure. That innocent and pure state of mind was recorded by your memory. As you start to grow up, you leave your innocence behind. When you reach manhood or womanhood, if you choose to strive for what is right, it takes you back from where you're coming from. And you're coming from innocence. When you have done this you will recover the innocence you had as a child. In this state is where you will understand what it means to be once an adult but twice a child.

Until you recover your innocence, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. To do that, you have to learn to be as innocent

as a baby.

If you want to pray, that is between you and God how you pray. If you're praying for yourself, ask God to guide you in doing what is right and correct. If you're praying for others ask God to guide them in doing what is right and correct.

All beings are created equal, maybe not in the sight of some beings. Because some beings like to put other beings on a pedestal claiming that this being is greater than that being. But in the site of RastafarI all beings are equal. And when I say equal I mean equal. It does not matter who the being are. All beings come from the same place, their mummy.
Yes, that is the miracle, we all come from mum.

We are all members of the one family. The one family of RastafarI.

Everything in life is double sided. Night and day, good and bad, heads and tails, in an out.
Well, for too long now we have been paying attention to the outside of life. We know a great deal about the outside world, but very little about what's going on within ourselves.
So, learn to look within yourself. There you will find the true you.

Equal rights and justice stand for all, not just for some.
What you call history, the rastaman calls his story, because the rastaman story is not told in history.
A rasta has no IQ, Rasta got I-S In sight, I- Sight.

Rasta is a soldier, fighting a war not with guns and bombs. The Rasta fights with words. The words of truth and rights. The Rasta is a killer with words.

They say many are called but few are chosen. But Rasta say: All are called but only a few choose to go. God invites all to live good, but only a few choose to do so.

To learn truth you need a teacher. The Rasta teacher is RastafarI, the one God, and God is the only true teacher. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. In the beginning light came out of darkness, and light will emerge from the dark now, that we are at the end.

The race is not for the swift but
for those who can endure suffering to the end.

Life is like the sea. The mind is like a ship. The spirit is on the other side of the sea. To cross the sea you need a reliable ship because the sea can be dangerous at times. And if your ship is not in good condition, you will not survive the rough sea. Life is also rough. It ebbs and flows like the sea. So, you're going to have lots of problems. If you don't want these problems to sink you, you need a strong mind, a strong mind that can overcome and survive. The weak ship will be destroyed by the rough sea. And the weak minded ship will wreck on the problems of life.
God creates all beings equal, with equal strength, but you have to search for your strength. Before a ship set sail you have to make sure everything is in good order. So, before you set of on the journey of life to God, make sure your mind is in good order. The mind must be clean of negativity, otherwise you will surely shipwreck on the problems of life. If you clean the mind before you set off, you will still encounter problems but your mind will be strong enough to deal with those problems and survive.

The strong mind won't be wrecked by alcohol or drugs. It won't wreck on lust or hate or prejudice. But these negatives will easily wreck the weak minds that sail on the rough sea of life. Crossing the sea is never
easy. But if you have a strong ship you will reach the other side. Life is never easy either but if you discover your strong mind, you can survive the test and trials of this life.

Your body is like a car. A car does not drive on its own. Someone must control the car. Your legs are wheels; your brain is the engine of the body. The driver and the car is not the same. He is not the engine. The engine belongs to the car. The brain belongs to the body. It is the spirit that drives the body. You can see the brain because the brain is physical like the body. But the spirit is none physical. It can never be seen unless you're lucky enough for God to grant you the vision to
do so.

In a rally race you have two drivers. One is an expert at driving and will never ever crash. The other is always involved in accidents. It's time for you to realise that you're not a good driver and hand over control to the good driver, who is the higher self. When you accept that you are not a good driver and surrender control to the spirit and only then, will you stop crashing into other cars. So, please move over and let the spirit take over.

If you take care of your car properly it will last you a long time. It won't last forever but if you save enough money, when your car comes to its end you
can replace it with a good one. But if you did not save enough, you will have to settle for an old banger. And if you save no money you will have to stop driving and start walking.

When the body comes to the end of its life, if you have enough goodness yourself, you will be able to get a good body. If you don't have enough you will have to settle for an old banger. To enjoy what beings call the good things of life, you need money. If you have it you can acquire the best that money can buy in this life. In the next life the currency won't be money. You can't take money with you. It will be goodness that you can take with you. Memory is a bank, so
while you have life and your mind is fit and strong make sure you work hard. Save as much good deeds as you can, because the good you do will be following you the other side of life. Your bad deeds will be coming with you as well.
The first video camera was invented by God. It's called memory. And God placed it within all human beings. Everything that you have done in this life is recorded by memory. There will be no need for lawyers or any witness, because all the evidence either for or against you is recorded on your very own memory.

While you're living here on earth you can do many wrongs and get away with
it. All you need is a good lawyer and some witness to lie for you. But when you will reach the other side of life and memory plays the video of your life, you won't be able to hire any smart ass lawyer or call anyone to lie for you. So, when you go about the business of life please remember that you're being filmed by the hidden camera within yourself.

A negative can learn any knowledge there is to learn on earth. Judges, lawyers, preachers, scientist, artist and builders. But you can't acquire wisdom in the same way. Knowledge is basically what others has found out before, and set down so others can learn. When you go to school you are there to learn knowledge.
Wisdom and knowledge differ.

The doors of knowledge are open to all. The killer and lier, the thief and ignorant, and the foolish. You will find them all living in the house of knowledge. They have to live there because there are only two houses, and you can't enter the house of wisdom until you cease from doing wrongs.

Wisdom is the ability to understand life in the correct way.

The wise understands the fool because the wise was once a fool. But a fool will never ever understand the wise because a fool has
never and will never be wise.

Anyone can pick fruits from the tree of knowledge but only the wise can pick the fruits of wisdom.

Knowledge is safe as long as it stays in the company of wisdom. Because it is wisdom, who teaches knowledge how to behave morally correct. As soon as knowledge strays from wisdom it loses itself in the dark.

Wisdom and Knowledge should be like man and wife. They belong together. If you go anywhere and find knowledge without wisdom, there you will find a brother call trouble. But if you find wisdom and knowledge living together, you will find a brother and sister call peace and harmony and they are living in one love.
When you acquire knowledge, that knowledge can be use for either good or bad. But when you gain wisdom you can only use it one way, and that is for goodness. Knowledge is a double edged sword. It can be used for good or bad. Wisdom is one sided. It cuts one way and that's the right way. Knowledge should be searching for the right way. That way is the way of wisdom.


All life is opposite, In. Out. Night, day, female, male, visible, invisible. The visible law is the courts, judges, jury police and so forth. This law is not true law. This is the law of knowledge. The visible law make many mistakes every year. They bring out a new law,

lots of innocent people get punish by this law, while lots of guilty people go unpunished. You can even bribe this law and get away with the wrongs that you have done.

You can't break the invisible law and get away with it. You can't bribe it. Remember, the invisible is more important than the visible. Just think of breath. You can't see it but it's more important than anything you can see. The invisible law is also more important than the one that is written in law books. Everyone will be judged one day, even those who are administering the visible law now. Some use the visible law to please themselves. But the invisible cannot be

used by anyone for selfish reasons. Only the invisible law can administer true justice.

Visible laws are imperfect. Invisible laws are perfection.

Some visible laws are correct and some are wrong. But all of the invisible laws are correct.

When you go to court, you might not get justice even if you're right. If those in the wrong can come up with a clever argument you can be robbed of justice. But the courts represent visible law. In the invisible law no one can be robbed of justice. No one can use clever arguments and steal justice from those who are just.
Anyone can study visible law. If you have the education to do so and after you have qualified, you're free to practice law as they say. To study the invisible law you don't need any education. All you need is the ability to live a moral life. Free from negative behaviour, because only those who strive to live a moral life can study the invisible law. To know right, you have to live right. If your heart is not clean you can't qualify to practice true law.

Judges, lawyers and the rest of the illegal court system should remember that they too will have their day in court. Not the visible one, but the hidden one. So if you're a judge make sure your judgments are honest, because one
day you too will be judged.


To understand God you need to understand oneness. The earth is one. The universe is one. Human beings are one. If you cannot understand this you're only going to see the parts, but never the whole. Some love their own country not realising their country is a part of the whole. But when you understand oneness you understand the whole. So, love the whole instead of the parts.

The earth is like a plate. When you eat out of a plate you do not wash part of the plate, you wash the whole plate. To wash just a part would be stupid. Well, you're just as stupid when you only love your country.

That way you are seeing the part. You need to depart from the part and join the whole, if you're going to discover oneness.
Our homes are limited. It has a roof that stops us going up. The floor stops you going down and the walls also limit your movements. The universe is God house. In God's house there is no limitations. You can go up as far as you want, go down as deep as you want, sideways as far as you like. Because in God's house there is no limitation.

When we build houses, we have to build them on firm foundations. But have a look at the sun, moon and stars. Can you see the foundations that they are built on? Have you ever wonder

what foundations this earth is built on? God must be a magician.

The sun, moon and all the other planets and stars that you can see, are the decorations in God's house.

To understand God, you need to understand the oneness of all life. Blacks, browns, yellows and whites all look different. So we don't look like one on the outside. And we don't all belong to the same physical family. So we all look different. But look is deceiving. You need insight to realise that you're not your body. It is the body that has different colours. We are spirits and spirit has no colour. If we continue to see
ourselves as black, yellow, white and brown, we will never understand the oneness of life. And if we fail to see this oneness, we will live our life in darkness, unable to see where we are going.

You shall judge them by the fruits they produce. I am a tree that produces fruits. The fruits that I produce are the word that I speak. So if you want to judge me, then judge me by the words that come from my mouth.

I am a sewer of seeds. My seeds are the words that I speak. The minds that hear my words are my fields. When a farmer sows his seeds, he makes sure the ground is ready and fertile enough to receive and
grow seeds. If your mind has been made ready by clearing away hate, greed, lust, jealousy and prejudice, it will be like fertile ground. So, your mind will be ready for these seeds of truths.

When you plant one grain of corn, God does not give you one back. You receive lots of corn from one grain. Living and striving to do what is right, is sowing good actions. That kind of behaviour will allow wisdom to grow in abundance.

I plant seeds wherever I go. I know that some if not most of my seeds will not grow. Not because my seeds are bad, but the mind of most of those that I

meet is not fertile enough.

Enter into the farm land of your mind and get the ground of your mind ready for planting. All negativity must be removed from the mind if it is going to be fertile again. The mind will then be ready for the spirit to impregnate it, so that it can produce a beautiful baby called truth.

The spirit is the land. Good actions are the seeds. When you combine right thoughts with right actions, you become a farmer that sowed his seeds in fertile ground. His harvest is always plentiful. The good being seeds are planted in the spirit that is why they receive the truth in abundance.
A desire to live good

must be put into actions. There is no way for you to know truth unless you put good thoughts into action. It does not matter if you belong to a religion or not. The only way you're going to learn any truth is to live good, and you are living good when you learn to combine good thoughts with good actions.

The bible is God's garden. God planted all, that humans call holy books, from east to west. Not all the fruits in God's gardens are eatable. Some are poisonous. You must know what to eat when you enter God's gardens. Only conscience knows the eatable fruits in God's gardens. So when you read any holy books let your conscience guide you.

If you're not guided by conscience and you enter these books they will poison your mind.

These books are dark places so you need conscience to search them out. Conscience is a light that is available to all beings. So never read any holy books without the light of your own conscience.


Religion is like a coconut. It contains a refreshing drink but the outer husk must be removed to get to the drink. The outer husk is ok. But it must be removed once the coconut is mature and the shell open to get to the refreshing drink.

All religions have an outer husk. This outer husk are the churches, temples and mosques and all those who gathers in these places.

We see the outer form first. That is how we get introduced. We then have to learn to remove the husk to get the drink. You have to remove the outer husk of all religions if you want to drink the refreshing drink of religions.

What make up the outer husk of religion are those who join religions and those who are born into religion. These people claim to be religious but if you join them and you're honest to yourself you will soon realise that these people are negative. These are the people you should ignore. They are the husk of religion.

You always see the negative first. When I say negative here, I mean the outer form. So any religion you encounter, you must encounter the negative first. And if you want to get inside you must remove the outer.

All religions contain the same truths. To know this you have to learn not to listen to those who form themselves around religions. Those who form a religion become the husk of that religion and if you desire to know the truth you must remove husky people.


It should not be thou shall not kill. But thou shall not murder. You could kill someone without intending to do so. But murder is when you intend to kill.

All religions have a book that the followers believe or have been told is the word of God revealed to them by some prophet sent by God. But every written word is coming from within man, holy books included. God words cannot be contained in books. It's like sun shines for all, not just some. Can any group of beings capture the light for themselves alone? Well, God's words are as free as sun shine. No group of beings can capture it for themselves alone.

God does not have the right to send any so called prophet here. And if God did, that being would bring a

message for all not just some. God cannot decide what beings desire. That is why you have freedom of choice. To send a messenger would interfere with our freedom to choose for ourselves.

All written words come from within beings inspired or not. So, if words were an ocean, that ocean is inside not outside. So, holy books can be seen as rivers that spring from a greater ocean. The truths that are contained within holy books spring from a deep ocean within. When you know this source within, you will no longer lose your way in religious books or swim in rivers, when you can swim in the great ocean.
The way religious people go on. You would believe that God was stupid putting his words into books knowing that a great number of beings cannot read. So, those who cannot read have to rely on those who can read to guide them. So those who think that they are experts in holy books go about the earth spreading the words of their holy book, trying to convince others that their particular holy book is the word of God.

But God did not put his words outside of beings. God put his words within beings. You should learn how to read yourself. You will learn
a lot more about who you are. Religious beings are not spreading God's words. God's words are already within all. They are under the spell of the negative that dwells within.

They have no idea who they are, hence their dependence on holy books. But religion is about knowing God, and God is not a book. It is the beings of the book who believe that God had a son and sent him here to die on the cross to save mankind. The being who understands himself knows, this is a total madness, but tell this to the millions of beings who believe this nonsense. And they can only believe. Not one of them knows this to be true. But when you're a believer you can believe anything. When you come to know, you put belief away.
Believers are still in confusion. Like someone who is lost in a dark place without any light at all. In such darkness you will never find your way out. Mind trying to lead others out that is the blind, leading into more blindness.

Only someone who has a light can lead the way out of darkness. Believers do not know the way. You have to know yourself. And your true self is the light that leads out of darkness. Use your conscience. It's the light that lights up all darkness.

It is those who believe, who ends up
joining organized religion. In doing so, they become obstacles in the way towards truth. All organized religions are cults. Some cults are bigger than some. So, the bigger cults dominate religion. All cults use some form of brain washing to keep their members in check. Some use crude methods, others more supple methods.

You cannot see the truth if you belong to any cult. If you're in a cult, your cult will have already brain wash you to believe, that their way is the right way. All religions are traps. To join any, is to put your own mind under the control of another. You cannot find the truth if your mind is controlled by others who have no idea what the truth is themselves.
A true religious being works for God. Not for a wage, but voluntary. He will do an honest day work for anyone for a wage. But God's works, he does for free and he is not involved with any organized religion. They do God's work for a wage paid to them by other beings who employ them to do a job of brain washing other beings.

They so called priests of religions, who went to school and college to study religion end up teaching and preaching all the nonsense that they have been taught to believe. To others who had not yet been convinced by such stupidity it must sound as if I am anti religious; far from it. I love religion more than anything else
in God's creation. I am just exposing the negative within all religions. Take away the negative and you are left with the pureness of God's Words. Get rid of the dirty bath water but not the baby.

True religion cannot be taught to anyone. It can only be learn trough self discipline and no one can teach you that. Others can tell you about it, but only you can put it into practice. Self discipline teaches self control, when we learn self control we are on our way to understanding.

Every religion has someone, who the believers claim, was chosen by God to lead them out of darkness. The believers are taught to have great faith in this one. They are taught that they must have
faith in this one. Failure to do so will mean you're missing out on salvation.

The freedom of choice is yours, not Gods. God gives that to all. God chooses no one to do his works. It's you who must choose to do God's works. God forces his will on no one, but any being can choose to do God's will.

Don't sit around waiting for God to choose you. It is you who must choose God. And if anyone claims that God has chosen them to do a job for him, don't believe them. You should know that such a person must be suffering from delusions.

A true religious being preach and teach about what they themselves have come to
understand through their own experience. They never preach and teach what anyone else say is the truth.

True religion is like sun light. It shines freely. It is not the property of anyone; no one can capture it and use it for their purpose. No one has exclusive rights to true religion. It is a path open to all who chose to walk the path of truth. Not a private path for a few.

Quick Reflections.

To believe is not to know. But to know is to know.

A wise being know the ways of the fool because he or she was once a fool. But the
fool can never know the ways of the wise, because the fool has never been wise.

Fools gather ignorance while the wise gather wisdom.

Knowledge is the son, wisdom the father, knowledge is the daughter, wisdom the mother.

You gain knowledge from school, colleges and from those around you. Wisdom you must gain by striving to live as honestly as you can.

The key to understanding is to know yourself and to do that you must strive to live as honest as possible.

You are not your name. Your parents give that to you. Who are you?
The name RastafarI contains letters. The number nine is the last number. It represents fullness. It is also the highest positive number outside of the number one, because the number one is the first. 13579 these are the positive numbers. The one is the highest because the rest come after the one. After the one the nine is the highest.


The one is the first, before the one there was zero. The one is positive and does not divide against itself.

The number 2 is a negative and does divide against itself. 3 is like 1. 4 like 2. 5 like 1 & 3. 6 like 2 & 4. 7 like 1, 3 & 5. 8 like 2, 4 & 6. The number 9 is the highest positive number outside of the 1. It is not as high as the 1 because everything comes from the one including the 9. 9 represent fullness. When you reach 9 you can't go any farther, the 1 must return.

RastafarI contains 9 letters which represents fullness. At the end of those 9 letters is the returning 1 represented by the letter I. this 1 stands for the one universe. One earth. One race of people human beings, and I am the one God that watched all beings from within. In this time I am known as RastafarI.

True intelligence cast a shadow. It's called out intelligence. Those who are out intelligent know a great about things outside of themselves. But they are not intelligent. You can only be intelligent when you understand what is going on within your own self.

Prejudice is a lack of intelligence.

They say never judge a book by its cover. And you should never judge a being by his or her colour. The body is like a cover on a book. When you act if beings are black and white, you judging a being by its cover.
Only a fool would give someone a job knowing that they don't have the ability to do the job. Well, God is no fool. Why give us life without the ability to understand life.
It's time for you to stop making excuses. You have the ability within your own self to understand life. If you have not discovered this ability yet, it must be because of your behaviour. To discover your ability to understand life you have to strive to live as honest as you can. By doing so, you gain the ability to understand this life.

Only RastafarI is perfect. No being in this life is perfect. But some beings strive for perfection while others don't care.
If you are not striving, you are living life in ignorance.
Those who work for men get payed money. Those who work for God get wisdom as

You can see money and the thing that money can buy, but you cannot see wisdom.
So, the rich man stores his richness where it can be seen by others.
The wise man wisdom is stored where it cannot be seen. Noone knows how rich hi is, because his wealth is in the invisible.

All the things that you can see you will have to leave behind when it is your turn to die. Including all your wealth, you cannot even take your body.


No one was born with ego. We learn to be egoistic from those around us. All beings end up under the control of

their ego. The ego is not the true you. The ego is a pretender. To know who you are you have to retrain your ego to do God's will instead of its own.

If your ego is in control of your life you're living in darkness, because the ego has no light. It is not the true person. It is easy to spot the ego. It's always selfish, always afraid, greedy, spiteful, prejudice and Godless. Remove these bad habits and replace them with love. Teach your ego to love. Retrain your ego to follow God's will instead of running around in darkness.
You cannot get rid of your ego. It is now a part of you, but you can gain control over your ego and get it to do your bidding instead of its own.

We need ego, but an ego that is free of egoistic behaviour.

All holy books are rivers that come from the great sea, that see is I am. Why swim in small rivers when you can swim in a great sea. Don't spend all your life swimming in rivers as if you are afraid of swimming in the sea. No need to be afraid of the great sea its deep but don't worry, you can swim. Don't let ego tell you otherwise. It's ego who is afraid to swim in the great sea. Hence ego loves of swimming in rivers and trying to convince others that the sea does not exist.

Wise beings, prophets, saints are like rivers, why follow them. Why not go to the source yourself and swim in God's understanding yourself.

Our struggles in this life are not against others but against our own ego. It is easy to see the faults of others, but can you see your own as easily. Ego is in high and low places. Reside with rich and poor alike. Ego is everything that is negative. Think of ego as dirty glass. All it needs is a good wash. Once this is done, the waters of the spirit can now be poured into ego.

Ego is wild, like a wild animal. Wild animals can be dangerous, but you can also train a wild animal not to be dangerous. You can train it to be your best friend instead of your enemy. So, even though ego is wild, there is no need to kill or try to kill ego. You can't kill ego. It is ego that tries to kill. Ego knowing well this cannot be done. This is another trick that ego plays to stay in control.

You are the one who should be in control of your life not ego. Your ego can be trained to search for truth. It all depends on your intentions and desires.

God tastes like water. I cannot tell you what water taste like. You just have to taste it yourself. Try it yourself. Explain what water taste like.

Now is not the time for those who believe in God nor is it the time for those
believers and followers of the words of holy books. Now is not the time to repeat what holy books say. This is the time for those who know God and speak about God from their heart, soul and mind. Those who believe should keep silent and let those who know do the talking.

Now is the time for you to search out your soul, heart and mind. Be honest with yourself. If you find out that you don't really know God, admit the truth to yourself. Don't pretend that you know God when you do not. You should not believe in God. Those who believe in God do not know God either.
The knower.

The knower does not have to read about God or believe in God. Because the knower knows God. The knower can speak from the heart, mind and soul. The knower might or might not be able to read. But that does not matter, because God is not a book.

God words are written in holy books but you have to know God to understand his words. Negative words are also written in holy books and if you don't know God you will end up believing and following the negative words of holy books.

Is it not better to know and, if that is so, why do we have so many believers in God. Is it because God cannot be known?
And if God cannot be known, why believe and trust in a God that cannot be known.

Well, the knower knows that God can be known. If you cleanse your mind, heart and soul of negativity, you will clear away the clouds. Once you do this you will know who God is. Think of yourself as the earth. Sometimes the earth can't get any sunshine because of the clouds that blocks out the sun. But once those clouds shift, the earth can once again receive the light of the sun.

If you built your house on a weak foundation, when the storm comes it will blow it down. Those who believe in God and follow holy books have built their houses on a foundation of belief. Now, the knower is here. He will blow their houses apart.

The believers need to find out where their belief come from, who teach them to believe. Was it God or was it man who teaches you to believe. If you're honest with yourself you will admit to yourself that you believe because others got you to believe.

Believers do not know the truth, so if you receive your teaching from believers, your teachings will be false teachings. Beliefs are the teachings of beings who do not know God themselves. To follow these teachers means that the blind following the blind.
God teaches you to know who God is. God does not teach you to believe in

God. When you know God, you don't believe in God. How can you believe in something you know.

You're in this life to know, not to believe. You can believe for a while but don't spend your life believing. This life is about knowing not believing. If you do not know when the storm of knowing comes, it will surely blow apart your fragile house of beliefs.

The believers cannot know whether Jesus birth was virgin or not. That is something they have to believe. How anyone could believe such nonsense is easy to understand. If you know, they have been told by ego to have faith, that this is so. But we live in a positive and

a negative world and faith is positive or negative. So faith can be blind. So if you are a believer you are holding on to blind faith.

The knower has faith as well. The knower's faith is positive. The knower has great faith in what he or she knows. The believers have no faith in themselves. They have faith in Jesus, Budda and Muhammad. They invest all their faith in what others say, while ignoring their own selves.

The believers teach you to put your trust in those who they claim are closer to God than you are. The knower teaches you that in the site of God, all beings are equal. So, whatever another being can find out about God you can as well. All beings are brothers and sisters. So Jesus is your brother, why worship your brother.

To a knower believers are crazy people, but he loves them still. After all, the knower was once crazy himself or herself. The knower was once in the dark as well until the knower know God. The knower was in the darkness along with all those who believe. It is the light of RastafarI that allows the knower to see within the darkness of the human soul.

You will never meet a knower who idolise any human beings living or dead. If the being is or has spoken the words of God then the knower respect such beings. But the knower does not worship them. The knower worships RastafarI an RastatafarI is not a man born of a woman. The messengers of God are not Gods so the knower listens to the message but never ever idolise the messenger like the believers. The messengers and the knowers are all brothers and sisters in the site of the one. It does not matter what name you choose to call that one. But in this time I love the name RastafarI because I am a rastaman.

Look all around and you will see believers of all faiths idolising who they claim to be God messenger. They ignore the message and idolise the messenger.
The knower idolise no human being. The knower idolise honesty, innocence, humbleness, justice, love and the truth. These are what the knower idolise and worship. The knower is in love with truth and rights.

The desires and the intentions of the knower are to honestly understand what is right and correct. This is the greatest love of a knower. Living this way the knower encounters the One, who is the teacher of all teachers and masters. You can call this One, the supreme One. This is the One with many names. I like to call this One the terrible and dreadful one RastafarI , the living God that dwells within all beings living or dead.

The believer and the unbeliever argue over the existence of God.

But neither the believer nor the unbeliever knows God. The believer believe in God, so does not know God, while the unbeliever thinks that God in an illusion.

The believer believes in God, but will not do the works that will allow them to know God. To know you have to live a disciplined and moral life. Actions speak louder than words. There is nothing wrong with believing in something when you do not know, but you can't believe all your life. You must leave the house of believe, if you want to enter the house of knowing. There, you will discover who the One is.

Why have faith in blind faith.

Why follow those who do not know where they are going. Why not follow one who

does know instead of following others. Why not follow your own conscience. After all, conscience is the only one who knows the correct way.

If you are not a follower of conscience you are going the wrong way. Abandon those who are leading you and return to the guidance of your own conscience.

Without the light of conscience you will not be able to see. And if you can't see, you will never know. And if you don't know, you are in darkness.

Some believers believe that God sent his son to die, so that they could understand what is right by the example set by his son.
The knower knows that God has already given us a choice between positive and negative. To then send his son to tell us what choice to make does not make any sense at all and God always makes sense.

If God gives us the choice to decide for ourselves, then not even God can interfere with our choice. To send his son would represent interference with our God given choice to decide for ourselves. God has no son. This is all in the believers' imagination. We are all sons and daughters of God.

So, God cannot commands us not to steal or hate or stop us from doing any evil that we choose to do. Neither God or Satan can force us to do what we don't want to do.

The knower knows that God cannot and will not choose any being to do anything. It's you who must choose to do what is correct. The choice is with you not God. God do not choose beings to follow God. You are the one who must choose to follow.

We are not robots. God gives us the freedom and the intelligence to decide for ourselves. If God wanted robots to do as God wishes, we would have all been created as robots. But the fact is, we are not robots. We are all highly intelligent beings. The fact that most choose not to use their intelligence, does not mean that they are not intelligent. They just choose not to be. That is how you end up among the believers. Believers are not using their intelligence. They follow the choice of others who are not using their intelligence either. Blind following blind.

If you have not chosen to follow the ways of God yet, you are in the Satans camp.
The devil does not nor can force anyone to do devilish things. That's what you choose to do of your own free will.

There are only two roads in this life. The road of light and the road of darkness. And whatever road you are walking on, you are doing so of your own free will.

No devil can force you to do evil. If you are doing wrongs, that is your own choice. Satan cannot choose for you. And no God can force you to do good. If you're doing so it must be because you have chosen to do so.

The knower chooses to do what is right because the knower loves what is right and correct.

The knower is not doing what is right because the knower wants to go to heaven. The knower is striving to do what is right and correct because the knower is madly in love with what is right and correct.
Love is the petrol that the knower uses in his or her engine. That engine is called the mind. You get the petrol from the one then you can fill the mind up with the petrol of one love.

The best petrol for the mind is love. When your mind is full of love your drive through this life will be a lot easier.

The saying did not say believe yourself. It said that you should know yourself. There is no teaching that is higher than knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is a key that opens the doors to eternal life and all God's glory. Knowing yourself is the greatest achievement for any being that has ever set foot on this planet.

When you know yourself you will realise that yourself is the self of all beings who has ever live. Knowing yourself allows you to know all other beings. You will also understand what beings have to do to know God. The road is the same for all beings.

God cannot give you knowing. If you want to know you must choose to know. Then God will teach you to know. If God is not the one teaching you then you are a believer. Why not learn from the master knower. The knower of all things. You don't have to go anywhere to find this master. The master is already within your own being here. In the west they like to call this great master of all masters and wise men and women conscience. I am Conscience, Allah, God, Jah, Truth, The Light and The Way. I am The One that no one can hide from. I am RastafarI, the living God that dwells within all beings. Listen carefully and you will hear the inner voice of the living God RastafarI.

Choice is a seed that you have. But seeds must be planted if it is going to grow. When you make the right choice you're planting a seed of knowing.

Doubt and uncertainness follow belief, wherever belief is. The believer cannot rest in peace. These will always disturb his rest.
Uncertainness and doubt cannot follow knowing. Knowing leads you to certainness and in certainness there is no doubt.

Choice is a seed that you have. But seeds must be planted if they are going to grow. When you make the right choice you are planting a seed of knowing. This seed that you plant will grow into lots and lots of knowing.

Doubt and uncertainty follow belief wherever belief goes. The believer cannot rest in peace because of brother's doubt and sister's uncertainty. These two always disturb his rest. Uncertainty and doubt cannot follow knowing. Knowing leads you to certainty and in certainty there is no doubt.

The knower knows and understands the believer and his beliefs. But the believer can never understand the knower and his or her knowing.

The knower was either a believer or an unbeliever before he or she comes to know. Therefore the knower knows both the believer and the unbeliever. The knower understands the good and the bad. The light and the dark, Satan and God, positive and negative.

The knower knows how to combine positive and negative to produce light. So that he or she can see into the darkness of the human soul.

The knower knows that God is the true self of all beings. The knower is a student of the true self. This true self is the master of all masters and the teacher of all teachers.

This true self of all is the way and the light. No being can know the truth until you know this true self. I am the way and the light. No being that is born of a woman can know truth until I teach it to them. I mean no being; Jesus, Buddha and any other masters you can think of. I am the teacher of all without exception.

The true self is the inner sun. It is the giver of light. Sun light can only come from the sun. What is right and correct is like sun light and that can only come from the true self.

Maybe you are too busy to pay attention to the inner voice of the true self. Remember that Satan is also speaking to you from within. There are lots of voices all

around us. It's very noisy. Take a break from all the noise. Stop making noise yourself. If you can be silent for a while and just listen. You should be able to hear the inner voices. I said voices because the positive has a voice and the negative also has a voice.

This is why it is important that you know positive as well as negative. This way you will know who you are following and listening to. The knower knows the voice of the true self, because the knower was educated by the true self.

Knowers do not study or go to the university of other beings. Knowers only study under the master teacher.

Whatever the knower knows, was taught to him or her by the higher self. This higher self sees and knows everything in creation.

The true self is the light that shines within all beings. If you are not receiving this light it is because your mind is clouded. To disperse this cloud you must strive to live honestly. Only then will you be able to receive the light of RastafarI.

It is up to you to remove the clouds from your mind, so that the true self can shine its light into the mind. When the moon is full, it shines a beauty full light which is a reflection of sun light. When you disperse the clouds of your mind it becomes full of light. This light is a reflection of RastafarI. The terrible and dreadful One. This is the light that will transform you into a knower instead of a believer. You will live in the land of darkness no longer but in the land of the true

self where there is no negativity.

Some believers become experts and scholars in their particular holy book. But they are only expert about what someone else said. When questioned they have nothing to say from their own intelligence. They can't use their own intelligence to find out anything for themselves. But they become expert and scholars in explaining what someone else has use their intelligence to find out for them self.

This is a typical believer, an expert in what others say. Their whole life is spent studying and learning about what others say. You should be studying yourself and you're not others and you're not a book. Why ignore your own self and study a book.

The book contains the ideas of other beings. Where did they get these ideas from, and if they learn these ideas from whoever why can't we. Well, we all have a mind and if we think about it we are all full of [excuse me] shit. So why follow another mind when you have your own.

Those who follow another instead of themselves become believers in God, or unbelievers. Those who use their own mind to search out things for themselves become knowers of God. Not only does such one become knower of God. That one becomes knower of all other human beings.

The knower is always an original speaker, speaking about what he or she knows. If the knower has to repeat what someone else said, the knower will repeat what another knower said. But a knower doesn't have to rely on no one. Not even another knower to say what have to be said.

The knower is totally free from any organization or family, race and prejudice. The knower has totally surrenders his will to that of the true self that dwells within all beings, seen or unseen. The knower is now a clear mirror that can reflect the light of the higher self.

This higher self is known in this time as the terrible and dreadful One RastafarI.

The knower is a soldier fighting for the cause of the higher self. The knower is well armed for this fight. The knower is a well trained killer with a single bullet. The knower kills many. The knower bullets are the true words that come from the mouth. The knower fights a war with words not guns and bombs.

The knower seeks no followers. You cannot follow a knower. The knower teaches all to follow conscience knowing that all who do so become knowers.

Those who are seeking followers are believers not knowers. If they know, they would not be leading you into belief. Believing leads you into darkness.

Knowing leads you out of darkness. Knowing for yourself is the only way you are going to free yourself from darkness.
To be a believer or a unbeliever is to live your life in total ignorance. But there is no power in the universe that can force you to live a life of ignorance. Those who are living in ignorance are doing so, of their own free choice.

God cannot force you to do anything nor can the devil. The things we do, we choose to do them ourselves. So if anyone knows God, it is because they choose to do so. Those who don't know God must examine what kind of choice they have made in this life.

The knower loves truth, so knower has hunger and thirst for it. The knower desires truth above all things. Truth is the true love of a knower life. A knower lusts after truth in the same way as the negative male and female lust after each other.

Truth is all that the knower lives for. If the knower did not find truth in this life, life would not make any sense at all. But finding truth the knower can now make sense of this life. Truth is the road out of darkness. To find it is to find the road that leads to light.

Many ask what truth is. Truth is like water. Can you tell anyone what water tastes like? You have to taste it for yourself. To taste truth you have to strive. That is the only way you are going to drink from the cup of truth. The waters of truth will cleanse your mind of all impurities. And allow you to reflect the glory of the one RastafarI. Anyone can teach and try to teach you about truth. But no one can taste it for you. You will have to live honestly yourself. No one can do that for you. So, don't sit around waiting for Jesus to save you. Only you can save you.

Your destiny is not somebody else's responsibility. God did not put your destiny in hands of others. Your destiny is in your own hands. You cannot rely on others to save you. God has given you the ability to save yourself. If you allow others to lead you, you are not using your intelligence. And those you choose to follow are also blind to their own intelligence. These are those who have eyes, but do not see. Ears, but do not hear. You can call these the living dead. These are the real zombies of life.

Resurection is something you must

do now. Don't wait on the resurrection of judgment day. Your judgment day is now. If you have not resurrected yourself yet you are a living dead. You are like the egg that has not been hatch. You will have to put some effort in if you are ever going to break out of your shell. Those souls who do not break out their shell will never experience true life. Their life is that of the living dead, living their whole life in total ignorance, never knowing true life. And because they can never know while still unhitched they can only believe.

In this life it is the fittest of the fittest that survive.

You were the fittest sperm that is why you win the race for this life. The strong survive and the weak perish. If you cannot find the strength to break open your shell you will perish in your own ignorance. Only self discipline can give you the strength to break out of your shell. Those whose hearts and minds are full of hate, jealousy, greed, lust, prejudice and the love of material things will never breakout.

To breakout you must control your negative passions. Do this and you will break out of your shell. Like a baby born into this world is one who breaks their shell and enter into their new world, the world of truth and rights, a world where beings live under the guidance of the true and living God RastafarI. Babies have a tendency to learn quickly. And you too will learn quickly when you break out of your
shell. The mind of the baby is innocent. It knows no negativity. Hate, greed, jealousy and prejudice does not reside in the mind of a baby. Those souls who break out now have the minds of innocent babies. And free from hate, greed, lust, jealousy and all other negative behaviour.

These souls are the knowers of life. They leave belief behind when they break out of the shell. These souls can see that the believers are still in their shell. All believers are souls who had not yet emerge from their egg. Examine your beliefs and you will realise that the things you believe you are not really sure about.
Your beliefs are stories told to you by others. You yourself cannot confirm if these stories are true. So, you can only believe them. Stories are fine when you're a child. But when you grow up you should not rely on stories anymore. You must leave stories behind and get to know the truth behind these stories.

Constipated Mind.

Truth is the only thing that can
flush out the mind that is constipated. Imagine the feelings when the body is free of constipation. You can now get rid of what is not needed in the body. Truth is what allows the mind to get rid of what is not positive within the mind. With truth the mind gets rid of the wastage of the mind. Those who are constipated are full of shit. And someone whose mind is constipated talks a load of shit. It is not possible for a mind that is constipated to speak any truth. Such souls speak pure shit. If you could smell the conversation of constipated souls it would smells just like shit. On the other hand the conversation of a soul whose mind is free from constipation has a sweet aroma pleasant to all souls.

The words of these souls are like music to other souls, bringing comfort and peace, refreshing them with the waters of pure truth. Only a mind that is free from constipation can drink from the fountain of truth. Those who are not drinking from this fountain will remain constipated. When you are constipated you are feeding the body the wrong food. If you are feeding the mind with beliefs you will constipate the mind.

Truth allows you to know. Knowing frees you from belief. Freedom from
beliefs brings freedom from constipation. With a mind free of constipation you will be out f your egg. This emergence is the true virgin birth. This new birth comes about trough positive actions. You come into this world because your parents had sex but your new birth requires no sex. Striving to live honestly produce the knower, who is born of the virgin birth.

Think of the computer. When you go online you are going on the information high way where you will be privy to all manner of information. Well the higher self is a super computer. All you have to do is log on to your higher
self and you will be on the information highway. Knowers call this the high way of truth.

Only you alone can log on to the true self. No one or any group can log you on or log on for you. You have to buy a computer but there is no need to buy a true self. The true self is already in all of us so you don't have to see anyone else to log on to your own true self.

Logging on is an individual thing. You have to do so on your own. You cannot give responsibility to another, your

destiny is in your own hands. No one else can carry your cross for you. That you must do for yourself. Jesus carried his own cross and so must all of us. Forget about Jesus dying for your sins. Your sins are your own responsibility. Only you and you alone can save yourself. The actions of another cannot save you spiritually. It has to be your own good conduct that saves you. The conduct of another cannot do so. Even if another show you the road, they cannot walk for you. You will have to walk that road yourself.

This is the road of the knower and to know, you have to walk alone. If you are afraid you will choose to walk with those who are believers.

Believers never walk alone. They take comfort in the number of believers who believe in the same nonsense they all believe in. The more souls you have believing your particular nonsense the stronger your particular religion in this physical world. But like I said before belief is the husk of religion and the husk must be remove if you are ever going to taste the juice that all religions contain.

But the knower knows that the One is greater than the many so is never afraid. The knower has total faith in the One, knowing that RastafarI is this One and that this One is greater than the many. After all the many is coming from the One.

And like I said before you can call this One any name. The One has many names. As a rastaman in this time I know this One as RastafarI. The terrible and dreadful One who is the secret dweller within all beings, seen or unseen.

Like the brother says; human beings should be a true extension of God's imagination. But what we should be and what we are, does not look like God's imagination to me. The way humans choose to live on this earth has nothing to do with God's imagination. The way believers and unbelievers choose to live on earth in total madness and confusion. This is not a state of Godness. Human beings live in a state of their own imagination, hence their reliance on beliefs. And beliefs are the opinion of other beings imagination, not God. When you know you will become an extension of the imagination of the true and living God RastafarI.