Ital is vital !


This site is for those with an open mind, and for those who desire to know God.

It's not a site for unbelievers or believers. It's not a site for sheep but for those who want to be shepherds. If you desire to understand the oneness of creation then this site is for you.

Why believe in God when you can know God.

This site is about knowing your higher self. It's for those who want to move from the shallows and enter the deep. For those who are hungry for truth. For all those who love honesty and innocence, and for those who would like to know better themselves. It's for those who are not afraid to think for themselves. This is a site for free thinkers.
If you belong to a religion you are not a free thinker. If you are believer you are not free. And if you are unbeliever, you are not free either. It is not a site for jokers but for those who are serious about what is right and correct. It's for all who desire to understand who RASTAFARI is.

If you're looking for an argument this site is not for you. This is a site for those who want to exercise their freedom of choice, and make a choice for themselves. No one should choose what is right and wrong for another.
This site is suitable for those with an open mind.